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AT&T Sculpture

Art for business: AT&T Tower Sculpture

The AT&T tower is located in the center of downtown Nashville, TN.  The building is also the home of the Tennessee Economic Division that brings new industry to Nashville.  After many meetings concerning the image for this sculpture, it was decided that the piece should be abstract; a sculpture representing economic growth for each region in Tennessee.  This is identified through the sculpture’s form that represents Tennessee’s economic growth and future.  The design consists of a granite spire tapering at the top – around the spire is an image of the state of Tennessee.  Out of the state of Tennessee image is a stainless ribbon representing energy emerging, twirling up to meet three kinetic rings representing the world. Due to the location and size of the piece, Lin Swensson employed complex logistical planning.  Working with police and security teams, city streets had to be closed while the sculpture was installed.  The 35 foot tall sculpture is a focal point for downtown commerce.  Its image has been used as promotion for Nashville business and as the cover for the Nashville Business Directory in 2005.

Inside the building, serving as a focal point in the lobby of the AT&T Tower, is the sculpture, “Lightning Wire”.  It resides in the massive atrium where its seven-foot height serves to focus the space and put the room into human scale.  Water flows from beneath the steel piece and fills an inset pool in the floor.

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