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Opryland Gazebo Structure

Opryland Hotel Gazebo Structure

The challenge of this project was to create an art form which would accentuate the architecture and complete the concept of a conservatory.  The decision was to create a gazebo form which represented southern hospitality.  Part of the challenge of this piece was that the client required water falling vertically from 75 feet without splashing or causing a disruptive sound.  Water was piped up the steel structure and dispersed in droplets like rain from 75 feet in the air.  The water was controlled as it clung to 137 separate stainless wires guiding the droplets to the fountain pool below.  The Opryland Hotel art piece has become a landmark form for the Hotel.  It has been used for weddings and holiday events as well as a graphic identification and vacation destination image in publications to promote the hotel.

The structure was fabricated in Salt Lake City, Utah and then broken down and transported to Tennessee in eight separate pieces.  The structure was reassembled in the conservatory at Opryland Hotel. Part of its reassembly involved suspending the artist from the ceiling in order to place the eagle at the very top of the piece.

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