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St. Thomas Hospital Art

This installation was created in response to Planetree requirements for healing environments. Saint Thomas is a Planetree hospital and is currently working toward accreditation with Planetree standards. Lin Swensson & Associates was asked to team with photographer John V. Gaudreau to create this concept of “Moments of Mission.” The eighty-one photographs occupy the main ground corridor that acts as the major passage from the garage through several buildings. This display is installed in the central stretch of that corridor and spans 150 feet.
The 81 photographs in the collection are a visual representation of associates of Saint Thomas Hospital living out the Mission and Values of their healthcare ministry. Each day hundreds of encounters similar to those caught in the photographs occur within the hospital rooms as Saint Thomas attempts to be instruments of the healing work of God.
Because of the intimate nature of each photograph, the collection was closely spaced like a running filmstrip, creating a story that changes depending on which direction the viewer enters the hall. This viewing pace allows patrons to see a new image at each step, increasing the impact of the story. It is as if you are looking in patient rooms from the corridor. A tender personal view.
John Gaudreau arranged each shot with the direction of Jerry Kearney, Vice President of Missions. Lin Swensson selected the scale, framing, and placement of the installation.

  • Not-for-Profit, Medical Teaching Campus
  • Renovation
  • Square Footage: 20,000

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