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tpac art project

TPAC art by Lin Swensson


The scope of this project was to create a floor mural and water wall that would unite the newly renovated area of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) with the existing facility.  Additionally, the artwork was required to be a statement that philosophically and visually promoted the mission of the TPAC to the public.  This was accomplished with a 3 part interactive sculpture.  The theme was a “Pool of Creative Thought”. A floor mural constructed in shades of blue terrazzo with quotes by famous individuals relating to creativity and the arts was designed.  These quotes were arranged in concentric rings with the appearance that they are floating in the pool, like waves resulting from an object being thrown in the center.  Above the pool, on the balcony above, is a bronze sculpture of a child holding a ball of light to be dropped into the pool creating the imaginary force needed to activate the movement of the “pool” below.

The piece symbolizes the creative energy of the innocent mind which reinforces the outreach program and the promotion of the visual and performing arts to the community.  In addition, a water wall to the side of the floor mural spans a multi story area, 30 feet high and 27 feet wide.  This wall links the old construction with the new.  It is constructed of various textures of limestone and marble tile.  Water drifts from the 30 foot height, covering the stone in a blanket of water. It incorporates a soothing sound into the open environment, a visual and auditory softening to the transition from one space to another.

A particular challenge of this piece was the time frame of a mere two weeks to get everything installed in order to be done in time for the grand opening.  The diversity of the features of the piece – including a water feature, bronze sculpture, and a terrazzo floor – illustrates the importance of having an artist skilled in many media.  The sixty-person board of TPAC unanimously decided on Lin Swensson for the task.

The TPAC art is often used as promotion for them and was used as the front cover of the Children’s Outreach Program mailer that was sent to schools and residences.

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