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Vanderbilt Hospital Art

Vanderbilt Hospital Art by LSA

Vanderbilt Medical Center is known for its state-of-the-art facilities for cardiac care at The Vanderbilt Heart Institute.  Vanderbilt is a teaching hospital that serves not only patients, but also students in the medical field.  Upon seeing smaller marble hearts carved by Lin Swensson, the image of a larger marble heart was selected for Chapman Quadrangle.

Chapman Quadrangle is a small, enclosed park on the medical teaching campus.  This intimate setting serves as a place of meditation and healing for patients, doctors, and medical students.

The Vanderbilt Hospital art heart was placed at a height and distance that would enable the piece to be touched as well as seen. The purpose of the image is to inspire and cause reflection on the strength, simplicity and beauty of the human heart.  The heart form was carved from a 900-pound block of Tennessee Cedar marble and is secured via threaded rod to a black marble base.

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