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Western Maryland Health Systems Art

Western Maryland Health Systems Art Consulting

Located in Cumberland, Maryland, and stylistic of Modernist architecture, Western Maryland Health Systems hospital was completed in November 2009. The $268 million, 585,000-square-foot, seven-story facility replaced and consolidated two aging hospitals, Sacred Heart and Memorial. Providing the local community with state-of-the-art care, the 275-bed hospital includes 18 surgical suites and emergency department, ICU, CVU and pediatric units, laboratories, pharmacy, café, chapel and a healing garden. From its inception, the hospital board, its executives, and design team envisioned an extremely ambitious plan for the use of local art.

Lin Swensson, of Lin Swensson & Associates, Inc., provided overall guidance for this highly complex, hospital-wide art acquisition and installation, which consists of 500 works from various regional artists. The art program was designed to benefit patients, employees, caregivers, and especially the local community. From the beginning, Swensson pursued a broad vision of a fully harmonious and integrated healing space. In the over-year-long process, she had to consider a wide range of factors: local geography and architecture, color and its effects, psychological and physical effects of various ailments and their treatment, physical location of art, way finding for visitors and patients, and even the effects of framing.
The Western Maryland Health Systems art project was a cooperative effort was key in the development of this program. The hospital board, its executives, medical professionals, employees, and an ad hoc art board made great contributions through monthly planning meetings and on-going communications. Swensson requested the additional inclusion of the architectural design team, Hord Coplan Macht and the interior design team, Arris, in an attempt to maintain the vision of the hospital while focusing on the inclusion of the proposed art into the architecture and interiors. Thus, the effort to achieve a fully integrated and harmonious healing environment, both inside and out, appears faithfully represented.

  • 275 Beds
  • New facility
  • Square footage: 585,000

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