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Brodsky Print Project

Brodsky Print Project: Peace and Healing Through Art

“The primary mission of the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions is to enable ground-breaking artists, both established and emerging, to create new work in reproductive media at its state-of-the-art facilities. Artists-in-residence are invited to engage in one-on-one collaborations with the BCIE’s master printers and papermakers. These BCIE experts and innovators make it possible for artists to translate their vision into a media that may be new to them.” – Judy Brodsky

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“This exhibition, innovative in so many ways, offers a glimpse into the planning that has gone into the entire development of Capital Health-Hopewell. “It offers a window into the thinking, knowledge and acceptance of the many facets of health care and how art brings peace and healing not just to the body but to the spirit as well. “Working together, art consultant Lin Swensson and Judith Brodsky, founding director of the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, Rutgers, enlisted a group of local artists and invited them to create new art for the patient areas of the hospital. From that group, 20 selected artists created art along guidelines proposed by Swensson that would not limit each artist’s creativity, but would insure appropriateness for a healing setting. Each artist made sketches of the works they were submitting and, after suggestions by Swensson and refinements by the artists, the intricate procedure of print making ensued at the Brodsky Center. “From the perspective of the Brodsky Center, it was so satisfying to be able to fulfill the hospital’s needs with a project that took us beyond anything we had attempted before,” Judith Brodsky says. The prints are a combination of monotypes, mono prints and photo etching using non-toxic materials.”

– Janet Purcell, The Times of Trenton


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