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Creating Healing Environments

Creating a healing environment through art

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baptist-hospitalLin Swensson & Associates (LSA) develops Art Programs that provide outstanding and appropriate art to inspire and promote healing in the healthcare environment. Healthcare facilities are places of physical and spiritual rebirth. Joy, grieving, birth, and suffering are some of the life-changing emotions and events that occur in these environments. Using a synergistic approach that incorporates evidence-based design principles, LSA creates custom healing art experiences.

Our approach is recognizing that art is a nonverbal communication reflecting an image of the mission and quality of care offered by a healthcare facility. Studies state that art in the hospital environment aids in reducing stress, increases positive feelings, supports efforts of staff and encourages spiritual and therapeutic wellness. LSA takes into consideration hospital culture, patient demographics, budget, hospital mission, and the community.

Incorporating information from user groups is essential for the development of an Art Program — a method, theme, and direction that integrates clinical concerns and design standards. LSA recommends the establishment of an art committee from hospital users to select concepts and art images.

LSA integrates with all essential design professionals designated to each project. The close working relationship to the interior design, construction and architecture teams insures an on time, on budget, cost effective, seamless design which is aesthetically superior.

Unifying the vision

one-voiceThe collaborative efforts of the client, LSA, the architect, and interior designers in conjunction with the community of artists will convey one voice in a complete healing experience. The art collections should linguistically reflect the ethnic diversity and demographics of those whom frequent a facility, including minority groups and individuals with various handicaps. LSA supports the diverse demographics of the community by coordinating a labor force of artists, installers, and framers from the local area.



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