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Service Compensation – 3

Service compensation for Art Consulting

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Client shall compensate Lin Swensson & Associates (LSA) as follows:

  • Services performed on Client’s site or when required to travel outside of Tennessee for Client – an 8/hr minimum per diem rate including travel days and travel expenses*.
  • Hourly rate for all other work performed for Client, and for services performed which exceeds the minimum day rate.


Lin Swensson & Associates will not, nor has ever charged commissions on art, framing or installation.


*In addition to its Consultant Fee, LSA shall be reimbursed for its out of pocket expenses for airfare, hotel charges, car rental or cab fare, parking, and meals.


LSA will provide details of the work performed and mail its invoices each month. All invoices are due upon receipt.

[email protected] • (615) 945-2895

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