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LSA TV Coverage

Lin Swensson and Associates Television Reporting

Lin Swensson has been featured on several high profile videos regarding her unique approach to the healthcare art consulting industry. Healing through art is a special practice unto itself. Accepting no commissions, sets LSA apart, and allows for the unfiltered craftsmanship of maximizing the influence of art to heal physical and emotional disorders of all types.

Capital Health PBS Video

This PBS video ran in the spring of 2012, documenting Lin Swensson & Associates massive health care art consulting interior and exterior art design of the new Capital Health Medical Center in Cumberland, Maryland. A twist of fate turns the project into a surreal, personal experience for designer Lin Swensson as documented on the Public Broadcasting Station video ‘State of the Arts’.

Texas A&M Video

This video is a lecture series that Lin Swensson gave to architecture students at Texas A&M University.

CHC History Video

Capital Health Center (CHC) Hopewell, New Jersey: The history two hospital mergers and the creation of a state-of-the-art medical center that blends high-tech healthcare, with art that enriches the healing process. Featuring Lin Swensson art design project consultant, that was also featured on PBS ‘State of the Arts’ for this same project.

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